HMMWV In Scale

HMMWV Mounted Warning Lights

This section will contain images and information on various warning lights seen mounted on HMMWV's.

Blue Warning Light by Signal-Stat

 Photos below by Brent Sauer

The lights in the photos below were mounted on simple threaded steel tubing. The electrical connection wiring was 'field fabricated' or assembled by the maintenance shop that installed them. If you look closely in the photos, you can see that the threaded steel tubing is welded to an 'L' shaped fabricated metal bar which in turn is mounted to the windshield frame. The top mirror bracket was then mounted to the 'L' shaped metal bar. The wiring ran inside the vehicle, along the top of the windshield then disappeared. I could not locate a termination or switch point.

Yellow Warning Light

 Photos below by Brent Sauer


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