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Voyager Model is a high quality resin/photo-etch aftermarket manufacturer based in Shanghai, China. Below is current items that they have on the market that are useable on HMMWV's.

 Each product title below is a live link to the item on the manufacturers website.

PEA096 1/35 OVM and Water/Fuel Can for Stryker (For ALL)

Although this accessory set is titled 'For Stryker', these tools and water/fuel cans are excellent replacement for HMMWV kit tools and water/fuel can parts.


PEA232 Modern USMC HUMVEE M1114 Space Amour (GP)

 After additional research, the door configuration created by this set is called 'Interim FRAG 5' and was used up to the introduction of the Objective FRAG 5 door kit.




PEA238 Modern TOW missile (2pcs) (GP)

This set enables you to build two different TOW missiles. Based on the image provided on the website, you can build one missile with fins extended but not the probe. The second missile has the fins extended and the probe.

PEA246 Modern HUMVEE family bullet-proof door (For TAMIYA/BRONCO)

 This conversion set basically enables you to build a set of Objective FRAG 5 doors for use on any HMMWV (M1114 or later).


This set builds a complete O-GPK turret with FRAG 7 overhead protection.



VBS0203 1/35 Modern US Browning M2HB GP Gunmetals Mount

This is a M3 .50 Cal Ground Mount Tri-Pod.


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