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S-250 Rugged, Truck-Mounted, Military Shelter

The text below is from Wenzlau Engineering website.

Link: S-250 RTMMS

Nomenclature: S-250 ()/G
Part Number (Unshielded): 206618
Part Number (Shielded): 206619

The S-250 shelter makes it possible to transport to and operate a wide variety of communications and electronic equipment in the field as a mobile unit. This high strength, insulated, all-weather, general purpose mobile unit is designed to meet the user's specifications for complete systems integration.

The S-250 shelter is a foam and beam bonded sandwich construction consisting of a polyurethane foam core, aluminum skins and a framework of high strength aluminum alloy extrusions. Foam and beam panel construction provides high strength to weight ratios and facilitates ease of modification, repair, and maintenance.

The mobile shelter system is transportable by 1 1/4-ton military truck (M705, M715, and XM561), 1 1/4-ton Type E commercial utility cargo vehicle (CUCV), 1 1/4-ton High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV), military cargo aircraft such as the C-130, helicopter, and by sea or rail.

Performance Specifications:
Specification MIL-S-55541

With EMI kit 762 lbs. min. - 802 lbs. max
Without EMI kit 750 lbs. min. - 790 lbs. max

Payload: 2,530 lbs.

Roof Load:
Snow and Ice 40 lbs./sq. ft.
Ppersonnel and Equipment - 660 lbs. over a 2 sq. ft. area.

Floor Load: 1,000 lbs. over 3 sq. ft. area without permanent deformation

Member Loading: Wall, roof, and floor tensile load 1,000 lbs. followed by 75 inch-pounds torque load 5/16"-18 inserts

Temperature Extremes:
Operating: -65° F to +125° F plus solar load
Non-operating: -80° F to +160° F

Heat Tranfer: U-factor - 0.50BTU/hr./sq. ft./° F. Designed to meet requirements of MIL-S-55541

RFI Shielding: With addition of RFI modification kit, attenuation of 60 dB minimum over 150 kHz to 10 GHz for electric and magnetic fields and plane waves measured IAW MIL-STD-285

Watertightness: Tested to 30 inch fording depth and to simulated rainfall

Lifting Eyes: Four (4) eyes with 3 in. inside clearance. 5,000 lbs. tensile load per corner in any direction

Towing Eyes: Four (4) eyes with 1.50 in. inside clearance. 5,000 lbs. tensile load per corner in any direction


Skids: Two (2) full length replaceable shock absorbing type

Roof Access Steps: Two (2) recessed folding steps in sidewall and one roof handhold

Lift/Tie Down Slings


RFI modification kit


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