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Airless Tires Designed For Military Purposes

Developing tires that will allow vehicles to continue to roll no matter what is thrown at them, even roadside bombs is a real priority for the military and could be the difference between life and death for our troops in the field, says U.S. Rep. Dave Obey.

Fueled by the needs of the U.S. Department of Defense, Resilient Technologies,LLC in collaboration with The University of Wisconsin-Madison has worked on a $18 million project to develop an airless tire. For two years they have tested out hundreds of prototypes before hitting the jackpot.

Photo: The honeycomb design of tires (Resilient Technologies LLC)

An airless tire cannot resemble a normal one. It has to be specifically designed to handle the pressure. And when they were on the lookout for inspiration, a bee buzzed in to act as their muse. The bee's humble honeycomb became the inspiration behind the design of the tire. They narrowed down on this design because it helps to ease the stiffness of the tire and also enables it to transmit loads uniformly.

"The patent pending Resilient design relies on a precise pattern of six-sided cells that are arranged, like a honeycomb, in a way that best mimics the ride and feel of pneumatic tires."

Right now they just want to satisfy the requirements of the military, but soon hope to create airless tires for all the riders around the world.

 You can see the original story here:     Airless Tire For HMMWV


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