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The company was founded in 1997 and specializes in military vehicles and accessories from the USA, Canada, Germany and USSR - Russia from WW2 to today.


RM35067 HMMWV Shelter Carrier M1037

 Below are 15 photos of the HMMWV Shelter Carrier M1037 set. There are comments with some of the photos.


What you see when you open the box.


Here is the layout of the parts that were in my box. According to the parts illustrated on the instructions, I'm missing some pieces. According to the instructions, there should be some resin lifting shackles and a handle for the rear door. See the instructions at the bottom of this section. All parts were mostly well cast and detailed. As you will see in a later photo, one corner of my shelter has a casting flaw. I'm not sure how I will fix it yet.

Replacement rear bumper.

Spare tire holder. Spare tire is not included.

Electrical boxes for the front of the shelter.

The shelter 'box' itself. Overall, this is a great starting point for this shelter variant.

 This photo shows the bottom of the casting and illustrates some of the clean-up work ahead.

  Here is an angled view of the bottom of the casting with the right side and rear visible.

  Here is the left side of the shelter box. Notice the nice detail on the side step inserts.

  Here is the casting flaw in the shelter box. This front right corner is messed up the full height of the corner. I'm not sure what the fix will be yet. I may ask the retailer I bought it from to replace it since I'm missing pieces and this casting is messed up.

Here are a few shots of the instruction sheet. As mentioned earlier, this sheet shows I should have some additional resin parts that were not included in my box. I'm going to approach the vendor or manufacturer and see if I can get replacement parts. I'll let you know how the follow-up service is.

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