HMMWV In Scale

Radio Set, AN/VRC-47



RT-524A/VRC Vehicular Radio

A single channel, medium power FM Receiver-Transmitter (R-T) with manual tuning and built-in front panel loudspeaker. The RT-524( )/VRC is the basic unit for the AN/VRC-46, -47, -48 and -49 sets.

Receiver-transmitter 524A, FM, 30-74.95MHz, 50 KHZ spacing, 920 channels. Manual tuning version of RT-246/VRC with built-in loud-speaker. The RT-524/VRC is the major part of AN/VRC-12 vehicle radio station typically used in M151 Truck, Utility ¼-Ton, 4x4 Mutt Jeeps series of vehicles as well as in older Humvee's and tanks.

R-442A Auxiliary Receiver

Provides receive-only function of FM radio communications. It is used as part(s) of the configurations AN/VRC-12, -44, -47, and -48. For these configurations, the R-442/VRC(s) can be used to monitor an alternate radio network.

MT-1029 Radio Mount

MT-1898/VRC (Mount For R-442A Auxiliary Receiver)

Loudspeaker, LS-454/U

Handset H-250/U

H-140 Headset

H-251 Headset



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