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Meritor Defense ProTec Series 30 High Mobility Independent Suspension (HMIS)

 As defense budgets shrink across the world and costs of new vehicle systems skyrocket, many military forces are looking at ways to improve existing vehicles in their force structure. One way to improve existing HMMWV's is to upgrade or replace the frame/suspensions and improve mobility.

From the Meritor Defense website....

" The ProTec High Mobility Independent Suspension (HMIS) Series delivers the Iron Triangle: Payload, Performance and Protection – the three absolute must-haves for the military. ProTec is a time-tested suspension designed for tactical-wheeled military vehicles and armored personnel carriers, as well as specialty and off-highway applications. It was launched to meet the demands of the customer for superior force protection, unmatched mobility and unparalleled ride quality.

 The ProTec HMIS series is available in three configurations: Series 30 for light duty applications requiring gross axle weight ratings (GAWRs) up to 14,000 pounds; Series 40 for medium and medium-heavy duty applications requiring GAWRs up to 23,000 pounds; and Series 50 for heavy-duty applications requiring GAWRs up to 29,000 pounds."

See the Meritor Defense ProTec suspension promotional video at this link:

Meritor Defense ProTec Suspension Video


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