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P3I BIDS Components


  • Improved Liquid Sampler and Improved Biological Sampler
  • Ultraviolet Aerodynamic Particle Sizer (UVAPS)
  • Mini Flow Cytometer (FCM).
  • Biological Detector (BD).
  • Chemical Biological Mass Spectrometer (CBMS).
  • Detection tickets (Hand-held assay).
  • Central Information Processor (CIP) that will interface with the FCM, UVAPS and BD system.
  • In addition to the detection suite, the P3I BIDS will use the following equipment:

    • Electronic Technical Manual on notebook computer
    • Portable refrigerators (2 each).
    • TACMET Meteorological Sensor.
    • Communications: Harris, 400-Watt Frequency-Single Side Band
    • Radio and SINCGARS AN/VRC 90, Radio Set
    • Adjustable operator's chairs (2 each).
    • HP Laser Printer.
    • Environmental Control Units (18,000 BTUH Air Conditioner)
    • M93 Gas particulate filter unit.

    The above key features will enable the P3I BIDS to perform its following operational missions:

    • ability to detect and identify biological agent aerosols.
    • ability to send and receive voice transmissions.
    • capability of being transported throughout the battlefield.




P3I BIDS (Biological Integrated Detection System)


All data below is from this link: OTC Biological Integrated Detection System

The P3I BIDS consists of biological detection, identification and sampling equipment integrated into a S788 Lightweight Multipurpose Shelter mounted on a M1097 heavy-variant High Mobility Multi-Purpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV).

In addition to the detection equipment, the shelter includes collective protection and environmental control equipment, navigation, meteorological and communication (HF/VHF) systems, and a M8A1 chemical agent alarm.

The system is designed to allow removal of the shelter from the vehicle for fixed site applications. A PU-801 power generator and transformer is towed by the HMMWV to provide an external power source.

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