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TOW Improved Target Acquisition System (ITAS)


TOW ITAS currently exists in 5 versions. The versions are:

1. M41

2. M41A1

3. M41A2

4. M41A3

5. M41A4

The TOW ITAS system consists of the following components: Launch Tube, Target Acquisition System (TAS), Traversing Unit (TU), Tripod, Fire Control System (FCS), Lithium-ion Power Source (LPS), and the ITAS FTL configuration adds a Position Attitude Determination System (PADS).


The M41 ITAS takes advantage of the features of all TOW missiles. The M41 ITAS can operate day or night and in all-weather condition enabling the operator to see the target through either the daysight or Night Vision Sight (NVS). The system includes a Laser Range Finder (LRF) to accurately determine the range to a target. The M41 ITAS has enhanced capabilities over TOW 2.

The M41 TOW system can be mounted/fired from a tripod, M1121 HMMWV TOW Carrier or M1167 HMMWV TOW Carrier. 















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