HMMWV In Scale

HMMWV Weapon Mounts

M197, MK. 64 MOD. 9, and MK 93 Mount Illustration

This illustration shows the components for M197, MK. 64 MOD. 9 and MK. 93 weapon mounts.

M197, MK. 64 MOD. 9, and MK 93 Mount Illustration.pdf


M6 Pedestal Mount

Here is a 6 photo step-by-step that shows mounting of the M6 Pedestal Mount in a M998 HMMWV.

 Link To: M6 Pedestal Mount Installation


Objective-Weapon Elevation Kit

The Objective Weapon Elevation Kit (OWEK) elevates the M2 assembly, enabling gunners to engage targets up to 80 degrees while remaining protected within the gunner protection kit. The OWEK was named an Army Greatest Invention of 2009.

You can read the full story here: Continuous Army Innovation Yields Improved Gunner Protection

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