HMMWV In Scale

Standard Gun Ring (as seen on M1025 Armament Carriers)

Researching correct term for the 'standard' gun ring as seen on initial armored HMMWV' such as the M1025 Armament Carrier and M966 TOW Carrier.

Marine Corps/Navy Gunner Shield (trying to determine actual nomenclature)

I'm looking for any information anyone may have on this shield configuration. I've found a few photos but information is hard to come by.

Gunner Protection Kit (GPK)

 Rear view of a Gunner Protection Kit turret and a Gunner Shield Kit

  Here is a Gunner Protection Kit and a Gunner Shield Kit mounted on an M1114.


 Below is a photo of the interior of a GPK turret. Notice the field added steel ammo box containter that have been added to the turret. This photo was courtesy of Robert Skipper on Armorama.


Field modified GPK with HMMWV windshield sections added to provide additional gunner protection.



Gunner Shield Kit (GSK)


 Here is a front view of the GSK


 Here is an M1114 with only the Gunners Shield Kit installed.


 Side view of a GSK

The photo below is a GSK with a Russian designed PK light machine gun.

 Side view of GSK with field expedient wire cutter.

Here is an interesting variant of the GSK. Note the 'transparent' section on the left side of the shield.

Improved Gunner Protection Kit (I-GPK)

Manufactured by Armor Holdings, this kit was designed to defeat AP (armor piercing) threats. It is fitted with rock-strike resistant transparent armor keeping the gunner protected while in weapon engagement posture. I-GPK is available as a retrofit to M1114 UAH already fitted with GPK.


Save-A-Gunner Turret (SAG)


 The S.A.G. Turrent is manufactured by US Global Nanospace:


The SAG (Save A Gunner) turret was constructed using an experimental nanotech armor. Due to the lightweight of the material, the turret only weighed about 200lbs. and would stop 12.7mm (.50 caliber) projectiles.

The turret mounts on existing turret rings. The nanofiber armor is over 100 times stronger than steel. The turrets were fielded in Iraq for testing. The goal of the tests is more to see how the material holds up in the field than how to see how it performed against enemy fire.

From Yahoo News:

The S.A.G. Turret weighs less than 200 pounds and offers rapid rotational capability. Traditional armored turrets are far too heavy and impede the gunners ability to effectively and rapidly rotate the turret during battle situations. The S.A.G. Turret is approximately 4 feet in diameter, is designed to interface precisely with military HMMWV rotating rings and can be installed by two people in less than one hour using common hand tools.

The S.A.G. Turret made primarily of USGA's proprietary G-Lam non-fiber material, is designed to be impervious to petroleum distillates and to maintain performance at temperatures in excess of 400 degrees fahrenheit. In one test using 7.62mm ammunition, six successive strikes in the same spot did not penetrate the armor, outperforming ceramic plates in conventional composite systems.


Chavis Turret

 After the a US Air Force Airman First Class named Leebernard E. Chavis was killed by a sniper near Baghdad, Iraq the maintenance workers of the 447th Air Expeditionary Group designed a turret to protect gunners working in Air Force M1116 HMMWV's.

 The turrets were constructed with parts cannibilized from damaged and destroyed vehicles and  other scrounged materials.

There is a link on my 'Links' page to the complete story of the Chavis turret as posted on Defense Industry Daily's website. These images are posted from that story.

This picture shows the original Chavis turret design.



 The pictures below are of the final design of the 'Chavis' turret.



Marine Corps Transparent Armored Gun Shield- Reducible (MCTAGS-R)

The following information is from the BAE Systems web article at this link:

LINK: Marine Corps Transparent Armored Gun Shield-Reducible


The Marine Corps Transparent Armored Gun Shield – Reducible (MCTAGS-R) system was designed by BAE Systems to meet vehicle shipping height requirements for amphibious operations.

MCTAGS-R provides the same level of protection from small arms and IED fragments as the currently fielded MCTAGS system. The MCTAGS-R unique reducible height system allows the MCTAGS to collapse for storage on ship, air, and rail while only increasing the vehicle height by 6” and staying within the vehicle envelop.

MCTAGS-R has been configured for installation on the M1114 and M1151 HMMWVs, Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement (MTVR), Logistic Vehicle System Replacement (LVSR), Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicle, and Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV). Any vehicle that has a ring mount can accept either the MCTAGS or the MCTAGS-R with a customized adapter plate.

You can view a datasheet on the MCTAGS-R at the BAE Systems website here:

LINK: BAE Systems MCTAGS-R Data Sheet

Or you can download it from the HMMWV In Scale documents page here:

LINK: HMMWV In Scale Download Document Page

Marine Corps Transparent Armored Gun Shield (MCTAGS)


 Here is a MCTAGS turret without the overhead cover sections:



Objective Gunner Protection Kit (O-GPK) Turret


There is a 31 photo walk-around of an O-GPK turret here:

LINK:  Objective Gunner Protection Kit


 The two photos below of the OGPK turret interior were posted by Robert Skipper on Armorama.



Objective-Gunner Protection Kit (O-GPK) TOW (Tube lauched, Optically tracked, Wire-guided) Missile System.

This turret is a TOW specific modification to the standard Objective Gunner Protection Kit turret.

 For additional information/images please see the following links:

 1.  M1167 HMMWV TOW Carrier Prototype Photos

 2.  M1167 TOW Missile Carrier Walk-Around Photos


SOCOM Turret (unknown nomenclature)

This vehicle belonged to SEAL Team 17 during a deployment training exercise.


Common Remotely Operated Weapon Station (CROWS)

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