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HMMWV Survivable Combat Tactical Vehicle Program (SCTV)

The HMMWV SCTV program was designed by Granite Tactical with cooperation from Textron Marine & Land Systems. The SCTVTM is a lightweight, highly protected system that is low in maintenance, easy to fit, easy to support and easy to maintain. It is compatible with all versions of HMMWVs currently in service and provides MRAP-style protection by incorporating angles and a v-shaped blast deflection under-body plate.
It retains all characteristics of the original HMMWV cab by utilizing existing controls, linkages, and drive system.

  SCTVC Photo2

  Features of the SCTV program:

•Door windows slide open internally or externally

• Blast protection seats with five-way restraining harnesses
• Aircon Front: 550CFM - 20,000 cool and 22,000 heat
• Aircon Rear: 600CFM - 24,000 cool and 26,000 heat
• Isolates fuel cell from crew compartment
• External battery compartment
• Bolt-In back wall allows for the installation of a rear door
• Fire retardant insulation panels
• Thermal guard soft interior headliner
• Smooth interior to reduce physical hazards to crew
• Roof supports weight and function of most gunner protection kits and weapon  systems currently in use
• NBC overpressure system capable
• Supports Kidde fire suppression system

You can find more information at these links:

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 Granite Tactical Vehicle SCTV


See additional information on the USMC SCTV program here:  USMC SCTV Program

  Special thanks to Patrick Keenan at for providing the links above.


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