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HMMWV Remote Electric Drive-Turret (RED-T)

The HMMWV Remote Electric Drive Turret (RED-T) system was promoted as being a cost effective, lightweight concept to mount a fully stabilized turret with the M242 Bushmaster 25mm automatic cannon.

There is very little information available on this prototype. I have managed to purchase an original AM General advertisement from 1984 which is shown in the next two images.

Front of advertisement:

 Back of advertisement:

 The two images below are from the internet and have been used in various magazines over the years.


 Here is another advertisement that I own. It is from LTV Aerospace and Defense who were the original owners of AM General before AM General became a stand alone defense contractor.

 I am not sure how many prototypes existed. Just by reviewing the images I have posted here, you can see there were at least three different prototypes with these additional notable differences:

1. Two different gun system configurations

2. One prototype has the early '4-lightening hole' bumper where as one other has the the standardized '3-lightening hole' bumper.

3. Variance in armored doors. The 'X' pattern on the armored doors is wider on the doors of one of the prototypes where as the 'X' pattern is more narrow on another door set.

4. At least one prototype was overall green and other prototypes in NATO 3-color pattern.

 From the research I've done, apparently none of the prototypes exist. They were disassembled after testing was discontinued and were either returned back to their normal configuration or re-manufactured into up-armored armament carriers.

HMMWV RED-T Patent Information

The images below are of the Patent application for the RED-T.


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