HMMWV In Scale

HMMWV Basic Issue Items and Pioneer Tool Kits

This section is going to illustrate the various Basic Issue Items (BII) and pioneer tools that are issued with some HMMWV's.

Legacy Pioneer Tool Kit

I use the term 'legacy' for this pioneer tool kit because it is the pioneer tool kit that was provided with the 'legacy' HMMWV's that are now being retired or reconfigured. Those 'legacy' variants are the vehicles designed and purchased as part of the original US military fielding and include, but are not limited to, M998's, M1038's, M1025's, M1045's, etc. As mentioned elsewhere on this site, these legacy vehicles are being replaced by M1114's and the M1150 series HMMWV's.

The black frame locks up under the rear-end of the legacy vehicles that it goes on. The frame is designed to be carried by the straight black shaft at the bottom of this picture which acts as a handle.


In the top right of this picture (below) you see a rubber bumper and one of the latches which locks the rack to the bottom of the vehicle.

Here is the rubber bumper and latch on the other side.

Here are some pictures of the individual tools. I picked some tools that were a bit worn so you could see how they weather and discolor.





Expanded Capacity/Interim Armored Vehicle Pioneer Tool Kit

This set is being issued with Expanded Capacity and Interim Armored Vehicle HMMWV's.


The green attachments shown in the photo below are stored in the green canvas case sitting to the left of the axe head. The are mounted on the axe head and held in place with a cotter pin (also stored in the green canvas case). There is a photo of a similar set sold to the civilian market at the end of this photo set that illustrates  a mounted attachment.



 This next photo is of an identical civilian set with the parts identified: