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HMMWV Part Variations

As I've looked at HMMWV's over the last few years, I have seen variations in parts on vehicles such as different types of side mirrors, brush guards, tires, etc.

The purpose of this page is to show those variations as they are identified and photographed.

I encourage visitors to this site contribute any photographs that they have to help build the content of this site. All photo's will be credited to the contributor.

Brush Guards

  I have identified 4 variations of brush guards so far.

  Angled Steel Brush Guard


   Round Tube Steel Brush Guard


Round Tube Steel Brush Guard Variant 2- This is a completely different design with a steel tube frame.


   Brush Guard w/ Steel Mesh Screen


Brush Guard w/horizontal grill bars instead of mesh (as shown above).



Front Bumpers

Prototype 4-hole bumper: The only picture I have seen of the '4-hole' bumper has been on the 25mm Bushmaster prototype vehicle. I have never seen a production HMMWV with this bumper. Here is the photo from a past magazine article.

Standard Production 3-hole bumper

Early Model Winch Bumper

Late Model Winch bumper

Winch Housing Bumper w/ no Winch


Radiator Screens


 Narrow Slat Radiator Screen

Wide Slat Radiator Screen

 Photo to follow


Air Intakes




Gunner Shield Kit


Standard Gunner Shield Kit

Gunner Shield Kit with transparent armor block installed

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