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HMMWV MECV (Modernized Expanded Capacity Vehicle)


The following information is copied from the US Army Contracting website and can be seen at this LINK: HMMWV MECV Program

"The Government seeks the development and integration of proven material solutions to improve the survivability, mobility, and operational capability of HMMWV Expanded Capacity Vehicles (HMMWV ECV). The primary mission of the HMMWV ECV is to provide protected mobility to ground forces with the capability of operating in a threat environment that involves the possibility of ambush, the use of mines, explosives, and small arms fire (SAF). The name for this upgraded HMMWV will be the HMMWV Modernized Expanded Capacity Vehicle (HMMWV MECV). This modernization effort requires the development and integration of protective armor below the cab, enhancements of the vehicle’s ability to respond to demands for speed and braking, improvement of the vehicle operator’s ability to control the vehicle, and the incorporation of safety enhancements to reduce the intrusion of thermal fires from fuel as well as directed enemy fire in the form of projectiles from entering the crew compartment. Improvement of the armored HMMWV fleet will enhance the effectiveness and protect combat support and combat service support personnel conducting operations against unconventional enemy forces. The Government’s goal is to acquire the HMMWV MECV as a recapitalization effort using the HMMWV ECV as a starting point for redesign and integration. Recapitalization of the HMMWV ECV to produce the HMMWV MECV will reduce development time and offer the added benefit of improving the vehicle system without adding extensive new training requirements and added maintenance support burden on the shoulders of Soldiers in the field."


You can learn more at this link to Global Security.Org

LINK:HMMWV MECV On Global Security.Org


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