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HMMWV Commercial Parts

This page will contain information available on HMMWV accessories provided by commercial manufactures such as IbisTek, Rico and Gypsy Rack


This company manufacturers what is commonly referred to as the 'helmet hardtop'. You can visit their website through the links page.

AMTECH Military Products.pdf- This PDF illustrates and describes the range of military products available for HMMWV's. 

 AMTECH Helmet Hardtops Standard & Heavy Duty Personnel Doors.pdf - This PDF covers standard and heavy duty doors for HMMWV's with the 'helmet hardtop' installed.

 AMTECH Helmet Hardtops.pdf - This PDF is a two-page document that covers the 'standard' helmet hardtop.

AMTECH Parts List For Helmet Hardtop System.pdf - This PDF document has descriptions, NSN's and some photo's of accessories available for the 'helmet hardtop' system.

 See a detailed walkaround of the AMTECH Helmet Hardtop 1551-C at this link: AMTECH Helmet Hardtop Model 1551-C Walkaround

Burtek, INC

This company produces modification/accessory kits for HMMWV's.

Burtek HMMWV Accessories.pdf - This is a two page PDF that shows several different accessories available for HMMWV's. 

Burtek Inc Ambulance.pdf - This PDF covers an Ambulance Shelter designed for use on the M1152 chassis.

MCV Shelter


M977 Maxi-Ambulance Shelter 

M977 Mobile Command Post

S788 Shelter (Datapath) 


S788 Shelter (Raytheon)


M1113 Mobile Command Post

IBIS TEK Accessory Listing For Department Of Defense

IBIS TEK PRICE LIST 03_23_09.pdf - This PDF contains an item listing for all accessories supplied to DoD by IBIS TEK at the time it was published.


Shown in this photo is an M998 HMMWV w/ Helmet Hard Top, Red-Dot Air Conditioner, IBIS TEK bumper and IBIS TEK light bar and ASK armor kit:


IBIS TEK HMMWV Rear Bumper Kit

Ibis Tek HMMWV Rear Bumper Kit PDF.pdf - This PDF covers the Ibis Tek HMMWV rear bumper kit that incorporates two swing arms (one swings left, one swings right). One swing arm assembly stores jerry cans, tool boxes, etc. and the other swing arm holds a spare tire.


RICO HMMWV Drop Down Spare Tire Carrier Accessory Kit NSN: 2590-01-525-1995  Installation & Operating Instructions

RICO HMMWV Drop Down Spare Tire Carrier Accessory Kit.pdf - This PDF file contains installation and operation instructions for the HMMWV Drop Down Spare Tire Carrier found on:

* M1025A2 Armament Carriers.

* M1114 Up-Armored Armament Carriers.

* M1097, M1097A1, and M1097A2 Heavy Variant Cargo/Troop Carriers not carrying a shelter.

* M1151 Armament Carriers

* M1152 Heavy Variant Cargo/Troop Carriers not carrying a shelter.

 There are a few schematic illustrations in this document as well.



RICO HMMWV Drop Down Spare Tire Carrier 2-Page Brochure

RICO Drop Down Spare Tire Carrier Mechanical Assist.pdf - This is a two page brochure that has several photos of the RICO Drop Down Spare TIre Carrier.


TR GEAR Swing Arm Tire Carrier Heavy Duty (SWATCHD)

TRGEAR Swing Arm Tire Carrier Heavy Duty.pdf - This document covers a swing arm tire carrier manufactured by Tactical & Rescue Gear. 


TR GEAR Clamp On Spare Tire Carrier

HMMWV-Clamp-on-Spare-Tire-Rack-2008 TR GEAR.pdf - This PDF covers a clamp on spare tire carrying system marketed by Tactical & Rescue Gear. There are several photographs illustrating this design that provides storage for 2 jerry can holders and a spare tire.