HMMWV In Scale

Basic Armor

Supplemental Armor

Explosive Resistant Coating (ERC)

Armor kit first used by the US Marines in Iraq & Afghanistan.

In the photo below, the tan doors and the panels on the side of the rear cargo area are components of the ERC kit. The tan coating is known as 'Dragonshield HT'.


"Hillbilly" Armor

"Hillbilly" armor was a term used by soldiers to reference field expedient armor that was fitted to US military vehicles in the time frame the existed between the start of OIF 1 (when the only armored HMMWV's were factory built M1025, M1046, etc) and the time that ASK and HArD kits were fielded during OIF 2.

 I will try to provide additional information here about materials used, configurations, etc.


Armor Survivability Kit (ASK)


Here is shown and M1025 Armament Carrier with ASK installed.

 Shown in this photo is an M998 HMMWV w/ Helmet Hard Top, Red-Dot Air Conditioner, IBIS TEK bumper and IBIS TEK light bar and ASK armor kit:

HMMWV Armored Demountable Kit (HArd)

Definition from BAE Systems website:

BAE Systems HArD Kit

The HMMWV Armored Demountable Kit (HArD-Kit) offers a versatile, interchangeable armor system that can be readily installed on most HMMWV variants. The system can be field installed to provide perimeter, roof and underbody armoring at a high level of ballistic and blast protection and is available in 2-door and 4-door configurations. The HArD-Kit is composed of “sub-kits” that provide armoring flexibility by allowing the option of adding only the armor protection desired, in order to maintain the highest possible vehicle payload.

HArD Kits. DoD awarded two sole-source contracts and placed two orders on a GSA Federal supply schedule contract, valued at $33 million, to OHEAC for HArD kits. Military personnel installed HArD kits on unarmored HMMWVs already located in theater. HArD kits consisted of left, right, and rear armor panels, as well as transparent armor for the windshield and side windows. HArD kits provide protection from small-arms fire and shrapnel, overhead protection, and floor protection from exploding grenades or airburst ammunition.


Marine Armor Kit (MAK)


Provides additional IED protection around the doors and rocker panels.


Additional overlay to protect against IED fragments.


FRAG 2 kits provide armor protection inside the front wheelwells on the walls of the passenger compartment.

Interim FRAG 5

Interim FRAG 5 was a stop-gap armor protection for HMMWV doors. It consisted of exterior armor panels. These were purpose made applique armor panels and were uniform in production. Interim FRAG 5 protection should not be confused with 'hillbilly' armor.

This photo is an example of the Interim FRAG 5 doors. Note the 'slots' that the door handles sit in.

The next 3 photos show good angles of the Interim FRAG 5 door armor stand off distance.



Here is another variant of Interim FRAG 5 doors

Objective FRAG kit 5

New doors to protect against IED fragments.

* They reduce behind armor debris

* External Opening Windows

*Eliminates automotive latches


FRAG 6 kits have been determined to be 'undesireable' and is being phased out. All HMMWV's with Frag 6 kits are being refitted with FRAG 5 kits.



A- Kit (Underbody Protection)

B- Kit (Perimeter Protection)

Long Term Armor Strategy (LTAS)

 From GlobalSecurity.Org

Long-Term Armor Strategy (LTAS)

The Long-Term Armor Strategy (LTAS) was developed by the US Army in 2006 as a second generation of Tactical Wheeled Vehicle armoring strategies. It was separate and distinct from near-term Add-on-Armor efforts, which began during operations in Southwest Asia in 2003. These efforts fulfilled an urgent need. Unlike these kits, the LTAS employed a modular concept of A Kits and B Kits. The modular configuration allows for a basic level of protection (or A Kit), with the option to readily add additional armor as the situation requires (using add-on B Kits). The kits would be designed to require a minimum of work and be capable of being installed by lower echelon personnel than usually required. The configurations incorporated lessons learned from near-term efforts, but provided protection levels as mission dictated and allowed for separate peacetime and wartime configurations.

 You can find more detailed information at GlobalSecurity.Org

Here is the link: GlobalSecurity.Org LTAS Page


Armor Reference Documents

TWV Conference: Sustaining The Joint Force/Improving The Future Force  Here is a 13 page PDF file from 2007 discussing up-armor plans/initiatives in place at that time. The document is unclassified and available on the www by doing a Google search. 



Jordanian JAKIT HMMWV Armor Kit by JMSS

 All information provided here is from:

 JMSS offers integrated vehicle protection solutions including upgrade armor kits for vehicles, gunner protection, ballistic glass and accessories. JMSS developed the JAKIT (JMSS Armor Kit) which is a customized and light weight add-on armor kit for Humvee's. The JAKIT has a ballistic windshield, doors and gunner shield glass. The protection available is up to B6 and NIJ level III. Front and lateral protection up to B6 and NIJ III. Armored wide view gunner shield with protection up to B6 and NIJ level III.



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