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GSS-1497 Lightweight Shelter

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Nomenclature: GSS-1497B
Part Number (Shielded): 206623
Part Number (Unshielded):


Gichner's lightweight model GSS-1497 electronic equipment shelter goes beyond the normal lightweight shelter construction technology. The GSS-1497 offers the lightest enclosure possible that is consistent with rugged mobility, RFI integrity, and performance under environmental extremes.

The GSS-1497 utilizes the same construction method applied in the combat-proven S-250 and S-280 shelters. Sandwich panel construction consists of a polyurethane foam core, aluminum skins, and a framework of high strength welded and riveted aluminum alloy extrusions. This traditional foam-and-beam panel construction allows for quick, easy installation of strong rivnut anchor points for mounting mission equipment. Foam-and-beam construction facilitates ease of modification, repair, and maintenance.

At 547 lbs., the GSS-1497's reduced weight increases the maximum payload and extends the range of the HMMWV during tactical operations. Your specific mission requirements can be met by tailoring the GSS-1497 without violating the payload requirements of the HMMWV. Since the shelter was designed for dedicated use with the HMMWV, bulky tie-down slings are not required. The GSS-1497 is easily bolted onto the vehicle with a bolt-on attachment kit. C-130 drive-on/back-off capability meets your transportation needs.

Performance Specifications:
Designed to meet the shelter performance specification defined in MIL-S-44408

Weight: 547 lbs.

Payload: 3,300 lbs.

Roof Load:
Snow and Ice - 40 lbs./sq. ft.
Personnel and Equipment - 660 lbs. over a 2 sq. ft. area

Floor Load: 1,000 lbs. over 2 sq. ft. area without permanent deformation

Member Loading: Wall, roof, and floor tensile load 1,000 lbs. followed by 100 inch-pounds torque load 5/16"-18 UNC inserts

Temperature Extremes:
Operating: -65° F to +125° F plus solar load
Non-operating: -80° F to +160° F

Heat Tranfer: U-factor - 0.46 BTU/hr./sq. ft./° F

RFI Shielding: In excess of 60 dB over 150 kHz to 10 GHz for electric and magnetic fields and plane waves measured IAW MIL-STD-285

Watertightness: Tested to 21 inch fording depth and to simulated rainfall

Lifting Eyes: Four (4) eyes with 3 in. inside clearance. 14,400 lbs. tensile load per corner in any direction

Towing Eyes: Four (4) eyes with 1.50 in. inside clearance. 5,000 lbs. tensile load per corner in any direction


Access Ladder: Standard ladder with external mounting bracket

Roof Access Steps: Two (2) recessed folding steps in sidewall and one roof handhold


Generator tunnel

Roof mounted escape hatch


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