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Eduard Photoetched Accessories

Eduard makes several photoetch sets for HMMWV model kits. To see details on a specific set, click on the link to the set from the home page.

 Here is a list of sets that have been made. Titles below are typed as they read on the Eduard labels. As you will see, the words used vary a lot. If you know of additional sets, I would be grateful if you would send me details or images.

  Product No.           Product Name 

  35023                   M-1025 Hummer ( I have two sets with the same product number. One set is marked for Academy, one set is marked for Tamiya. Contents are the same.)  

  35166                   M997 Ambulance for Academy kit

  35209                   Hummer with M242 for Tamiya kit

  35497                   M-1025 Hummer Avenger for Italeri kit

  35579                   M-1025 Hummer Interior for Academy kit

  35580                   M-1025 Hummer exterior for Academy kit

  35629                   M-1025 Humvee for Tamiya kit 35263

  35655                   M-1046 Humvee TOW for Tamiya kit 35267

  35659                   Humvee I.F.F./C.I.F. ID Panels for Tamiya kit 35267

  35778                   M-1025 Humvee Add. Armor Plate Iraq for Tamiya kit 35137

  35780                   M-998 Humvee Add. Armor Plate Iraq for Italeri/Revell kit

  35785                   M-1026 Additional Armor Plate Iraq for Tamiya kit

  36188                   M-1097 Cargo Carrier for Italeri kit

  TP 041                  M-1025 I.F.F./C.I.F. ID Panels for Academy kit

  TP 516                  M-1025 Placards for Tamiya kit

Express Masks 

  XT 096                  M-1025 Humvee for Tamiya kit #35263

  XT 101                  M-1046 for Tamiya kit #35267

  XT 104                  M-998 Cargo for Revell kit

  XT 115                  M-1025 Hummer for Academy kit


  BIG3506                M-1025 for Academy kit     Consists of the following items:

                               1x 35579  M-1025 Interior

                               1x 35580  M-1025 Exterior

                               1x 35581  M-1025 Armored Door

                               1x TP 041  M-1025 I.F.F./C.I.F. ID Panels

                               1x XT 115  M-1025 Masks

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