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DW 35032 HMMWV BF Goodrich Sagged Wheel Set          (For Bronco M1114 or Academy M1151)

You can see the manufacturers website here:

LINK: DEF Model Website 

  • HMMWV BFGoodRich Sagged wheel set(for Acadeny 1/35 M1151, Bronco 1/35 M114)
  • Correct tires tread pattern, Fine detail "BFGoodRich BAJA MT/A tire"
  • 2 kinds of different pattern direction weighted wheels x2, 1 spare wheel and Easy wheel mask
  • Total 9 resin parts & Wheel mask
  • Here is a review on Modern Military House:

    LINK: Humvee wheel set Sagged BFGR Review on Modern Military House



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