HMMWV In Scale


D-Toys produces HMMWV items in 1/48th Scale and 1/35th Scale


This differ from DT35-015 by not being compressed by vehicle weight.

DT35-002 Military Super Swamper Pattern Wheels  1/35th

DT35-003 Blue Force Tracker Kit

DT35-006 U.S. Modern Accessories Set  1/35th

DT35-008 HUMVEE Aggressive Pattern Wheels with Snow Chains   1/35th

DT35-013 U.S. Modern Ration MRE Set


DT35-015 HUMVEE Aggressive Pattern Wheels   1/35th

DT35-026 M998 Canvas Cover Set   1/35th

 Site member HenkP pointed me in the direction of Miniature & Modeling Zone. Posted here is a quick look at D Toys release of the M998 Canvas Cover Set (includes 4 fantastic replacements wheels/tires). Check it out here:

Link to: MMZ Article on D-Toys M998 Canvas Cover Set


DT35-028 Moden US Driver figure Set (ACU) 1/35th                 (images are property of D-Toys)


DT35-030 Moden US Driver figuer set 2   1/35th

DT35-033 Modern US TOW Gunner Set

Set consists of 8 resin pieces. You can assemble one driver figure and one gunner figure.





DT35-038 HUMVEE Wheel set(M1151) #2: 1/35 Scale
(Tire compressed by the vehicle weight)
For Academy, Bronco, Tamiya


DT35-037 HUMVEE Wheel set(M1151) #1: 1/35 Scale
For Academy, Bronco, Tamiya


DT35-66 Modern US AFV FBCB-BFT system


DT35-67 US AFV Metal Antennae & Mount Set



DT35-034 Modern US Infantry Equipment Set

This set consists of resin parts and MRE boxes printed on heavy weight paper.




DT48-001 HUMVEE Aggressive Pattern Wheels

DT48-002 M1151 HUMVEE conversion set  1/48th

DT48-004 M1098 Avenger Conversion Set   1/48th


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