HMMWV In Scale

M7 Discharger, Grenade, Smoke Countermeasure: Light Vehicle Obscuration Smoke System (LVOSS) 

M7 Discharger, Grenade, Smoke Mounted On M1151A1 UAH


 Right Front (Passenger Side)....Cord in the picture is the antennae tie-down. Black electrical wire runs from the back of the discharger, under the mount and then in the top of the windshield. The discharger cover is canvas. The two 'pull tabs' are grey in color. The discharger itself is hard plastic. The mount is steel.

Top view of front right discharger.

Back side of front right discharger

 Close-up of the mounting plate for front right discharger.


Note electrical wire running between the windshield and windshield frame in this picture.

Front left side (driver side) discharger. Note the electrical wire running into windshield also.

Left rear (driver side) discharger

Note path of electrical wire.

Right rear (Passenger side) discharger. Note path of electrical wire.

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