HMMWV In Scale



Archer specializes in transfers and decals for the modeling community. There is a link for their website on the 'Links' page.

All data and images below are from Archers website and consolidated here for informational purposes only.

AR35282- Humvee Instruments and Placards

Kit specific set for Tamiya Humvee. Instrument faces fit the kit precisely with tick-marks and pointer needles matching the kit details.
May also be used with other kits.
Comes with idetailed llustrated color placement instructions.


AR35305- Modern Ammo Boxes

Contains nine 5.56mm, nine 7.62mm ball, six 7.62mm blank and five 25mm ammo box stencils.

AR35003- US/NATO Bridge Classification Markings

Generous supply of yellow disks, black numbers and red Cs. Can also be applied as wet decals using the WetMedia paper sold elsewhere in this catalog. Comes with detailed history and directions.

AR35233- OIF Signage 

Double sheet printed on adhesive backed paper. Includes complete instructions and explanations.

AR35305- Nato Ammo Boxes

Includes 15 NATO 7.62mm and 15 NATO .50 CAL. ammo box stencils suitable for the 1970s and '80s.

NATO & UN Vehicle Markings

AR35116- IFOR and SFOR Banners

4 large (.6 inch / 15mm wide x .75 inch / 18mm tall)
10 medium (.19 inch / 4.5mm wide x .23 inch / 5.5mm tall)
16 small (.09 inch / 2mm wide x .14 inch / 3mm tall) banners.

AR35105B- Large NATO Force Markings (SFOR, IFOR, KFOR) Black

Shown here in white but are BLACK

AR35105W- Large NATO Force Markings (SFOR, IFOR, KFOR) White 

Six each .33 inch (8mm) tall.  

AR35106B- Small NATO Force Markings (SFOR, IFOR, KFOR) Black

Shown here in white but are BLACK.

AR35106W- Small NATO Force Markings (SFOR, IFOR, KFOR) White

Twelve each .17 inch (4mm).
Twenty two each .085 inch (2mm) tall


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