HMMWV In Scale

M1151A1 w/B1 Armor by Jakub Baczar

M1151A1 w/B1 used by US Army in Iraq. Model is an assemblage of ideas from many photos. Markings are fictional, but I just liked decals from the kit. Ingredients: - base model: Academy (13415) M1151 Enhanced Capacity Armament Carrier, - valorisation and antennas: Voyager Model (PE35422) Modern USMC HUMVEE M1151 w/IED, - wheels: DEF Model (DW35002) HMMWV MT-R Sagged Wheel Set, - additional equipment: DEF Model (DM35008) US Humvee Stowage + MT tire set, - Ibis Tek bumper and Rhino: Bronco Models (CB35092) M1114 Up-armored HA (Heavy) Tactical Vehicle.
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