HMMWV In Scale

US Marine M1151 STAR

This album contains photos of the US Marine Corp M1151 STAR (Special Tactical Accessory Repository) Armament Carrier. This photos were submitted by Chris Mrosko and were taken during an Marine Corp equipment display in St. Louis, MO. This vehicle is used for displays only and is not an operational vehicle. There have been various accessories installed on this vehicle from different offices and programs to include (as listed on the sign) 1. 400 AMP power kit upgrade 2. Pulse Solar Charger w/PTT 3. QP 1800 DC-AC Converter 4. Absorbed Glass Matt Batteries 5. Vehicle Mounted Charger 6. Casevac Conversion Kit 7. AN/VRC-110 Radio Rack 8. Suspension Upgrade 9. E-Rated Wheels 10. E-Rated Tires 11. Enhanced Frag Kit 5 Hinges 12. MCTAGS/BPMTU 13. Soft Cover For Turret Gunner 14. All LED Vehicle Lighting 15. M1114 Turret Ring Mount
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