HMMWV In Scale

M1151 by Michael Powers

Details: This is the Tamiya 1025 kit with the Legend M1151 upgrade and Blast aggressive pattern wheels. Most of the SINGARS radio set is from Legend with the exception of the receiver which is a PRO Art Models piece. The figures are Legend (turret gunner), Hobbyfan(figure launching UAV and foreground figure) and Tamiya (driver). Accessories included: Tamiya gear, Legends gas cans, PRO Art Models Radio receiver, Accurate Armor Water Bottles, CMK tool box and Mig Ice Cooler (with scrathbuilt handles) UAV decals are from a 1/144 F-15 set. Overview: This was an involved conversion using the Legend M1151 set. Although comprehensive, I found the Legend set somewhat mixed in quality. I had to scrathbuild the front winshield as the Legend product was unusable. I did find the replacement roof and trunk hatch to be perfect. The doors were very nice too. The Turret was a challenge of folded brass and thick clear ballistic glass... but it turned out fine. I had to fold all the window frames and place the glass after the turret was painted. That worked best. Painting was tricky: I did all the painting in 3 subassemblies: Body and chassis, Roof and rear hatch, and Turret. The figures were another story. I don't know what I would have done without Calvin Tan's guide to painting digital camo! The base is crushed driveway gravel and model railroad ballast. I washed it and glued it to a plaster cloth covered styrofoam base. I then airbrushed it with Polly Scale concrete, Washed it with a light burnt sienna oil paint and dry brushed it with Tamiya Buff. All components are adhered to the base with Gorilla Glue and the piece has a custom clear acrylic cover. Most importantly: This is a gift to a returning Afghanistan War vet from his friends and family in appreciation for his service. He intends to display it in his office at West Point this fall where he will be teaching Systems Engineering.
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