HMMWV In Scale

M1025 Armament Carrier By Jeremy Coyle

Jeremy states that the base kit for this build is the Tamiya M1046 TOW Missile Carrier by Tamiya. The following BLAST accessories were used... BL3502K HUMVEE WHEELS AGGRESSIVE PATTERN, BL35050K WEAPONS RING OIF MODIFICATIONS + SMOKE DISCHARGERS, BL35052K ARMORED DOORS FOR OIF HUMMER. Scratch-built items are the rear storage rack, and the hood scoop. Reference for the hood scoop was from a picture on the Internet and the reference for the rear stowage rack was pictures provided by Frenchy and 18 Bravo from Armorama. They were assembled from Evergreen brand styrene. The Identification panel was made using aluminum foil. Paints used were primarily Model Master enamels. The base color is Model Master US Armor Sand. The decals came from a Woodland Scenics Dry transfer set.
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