HMMWV In Scale

M1114 Diorama by Ettore Galasso

The model is based on a Tamiya M1025 kit, upgraded to an M1114 using the MIG Productions converson kit "M1114 UP-ARMORED HMMWV with MG Cupola". To detail the interior Ettore used the following Pro Art Models resin kits: - US modern radio and satellite communication set (p/n PAU 35010), for the Blue Force Tracker system. - US radio set Sincgars ASIP (p/n PAU 35020) for the Sincgars radios. For the model, he used decals from Echelon Fine Details: Humvees in Operation Iraqi Freedom & Operation Enduring Freedom (p/n 35022) Diorama includes: a ruined building from Verlinden kit "Streets of Beirut" (p/n VP190), Jersey barriers from MIG Productions kit "Concrete barriers" (p/n MP35-275), razor wire from Eduard kit "Barbed Wire Razor" (p/n 35369). The driver and gunner are from the Tamiya M1025 kit, modified with Verlinden "Figures Conversion Parts Modern US Iraq - Afganistan" (p/n VP2177); ground figures are from Verlinden kit "Bagdad Patrol" (p/n VP2390). To detail the figures, he added 101st Airborne Division patches taken from Echelon Fine Details decals set "US Army & USMC Patches, Insignias & Ranks" (p/n 353001). Ettore scratch built the radio rack with amp guard, the PLGR GPS unit and a MT-6353/VRC power amplifier (in pictures pieces in white styrene). From the Pro Art kits he used two Sincgars radios (ASIP models) and the BFT (Blue Force Tracker) set with CPU, display and keyboard (the last is not present in the pictures). He also added the rear armor shield, the rear winch and a few details to the turret. All of them were scratch built by him. Thanks Ettore for another great submission.
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