HMMWV In Scale

"Restore Hope" Mogadishu, Somalia 1993

This diorama is by Ettore Galasso. I could not include his name in the diorama title as a result of the limit on letter spacing for album titles. Ettore states that the diorama is setting is Mogadishu, Somalia, during "Restore Hope" operation in 1993. He used the Tamiya M1025 as the base kit and detailed it with photoetched parts from the Eduard set "M-1025 Humvee" (p/n 35629). The figures are from the Dragon figure set "Delta Force" (p/n 3022). He applied decal patches on the figures using Echelon Fine Details "US Army & USMC Patches, Insignias & Ranks" (p/n P353001), A sheet he strongly recommends. Ruins are from Verlinden kit "Streets of Beirut" (VP190). Ettore also added accessories from the Tamiya kit "Modern US Military Equipment Set". Drums are by MIG Productions, "Striped Drums" (MP 35-109) kit, and in his opinion is an outstanding quality accessory.
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