HMMWV In Scale

M1151 by Ettore Galasso

The model is based on the Tamiya M1025 kit, upgraded with Legend "M1151 Humvee Conversion Set" (LF 1194). Ettore added a few scratch built details in the interior of the turret (handles, M4 rifle with support, joystick to control the turret rotation, electric wires, gunner's sling, manual rotation and brake controls). He also scratch built the radio rack (the version in the kit is not used when the Blue Force Tracker system is installed) and used SINCGARS from the Pro-Art "US Radio Set SINCGARS" (much more detailed than Legend's he states). Decals are from the Echelon Fine Details set "Humvees in OIF & OEF". BFT antenna has been attached on the windshield, like I have seen in many pictures of M1151s in field. Great job Ettore!!
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