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MODELS/ACCESSORIES (All are 1/35th Scale)


M51 Isherman Premium Edition 3539



German Flakpanzer IV Wirbelwind 35233

Mobelwagen 3.7cm Flak 35237

M60A3 105mm Gun Tank 35140

British Main Battle Tank Challenger 35134



Military Cargo US WWII 1684

Kitbags & Rucksacks 0070



MMIR The Modelers Guide To Jagdpanzer

FineScale Modeler- How To Model WWII German Armor

Tankograd Brothers Of HEMTT PLS-LVS


Concord Publications

Armor At War Series Panther- Military Book Club Edition


Osprey Publications

Sturmartillerie & Panzerjager 1939-1945

German Light Panzers 1932-1942

Warrior Mechanised Combat Vehicle 1987-1994

The Military Sniper Since 1914

Merkava Main Battle Tank 1977-1996

Challenger Main Battle Tank 1982-1997

Special Forces Camps In Vietnam 1961-70 (Hardback Military Book Club edition)

Panzerkampfwagen IV Medium Tank 1936-1945 (Hardback Military Book Club edition)

Stug III Assault Gun 1940-1942 (Hardback Military Book Club edition)

Lorraine 1944 (Hardback Military Book Club edition)

Normandy 1944- Allied Landings and Breakout (Hardback Military Book Club edition)

Kursk 1943- The Tide Turns In The East (Hardback Military Book Club edition)

Anzio 1944- The Beleaguered Beachhead (Hardback Military Book Club edition)

El Alamein 1942 (Hardback Military Book Club edition)

The Rhineland 1945- The Last Killing Ground In The West

Ardennes 1944- Hitlers Last Gamble In The West


Ian Allen Publishing

21st Panzer Division Rommel’s Afrika Korps Spearhead


The Essential Tank Identification Guide

Wehrmacht Panzer Divisions 1939-45

Panzergrenadier Divisions 1939-45


Squadron Signal Publications

SS Armor- A Pictorial History of the Armored Formations of the Waffen-SS

AH-1 Cobra Walkaround (Small tear in cover)

German Armored Warfare of World War II (The Unpublished Photographs 1939-1945)

Panzertruppen- Les troupes blindees allemandes German Armored Troops 1935-1945



Most Humvee kits or Humvee accessories- Let me know what you have

Fine Molds- 1/72nd Millenium Falcon

1/48th X-Wing

1/48th Tie Fighter

1/48th Snowspeeder

Italeri 1/48th SH-60B Seahawk

I’m open to other offers maybe….Let me know what you have.

I’m currently interested in modern US armor and aircraft only

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