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A concept vehicle has been built to allow for the demonstration and the improvement of Jaycor's frequency-agile concept of a stand-off mine detection ground penetrating radar. The total concept system weighs about 200 pounds and is constructed on a Hummer. The radar has been developed using only

off-the-shelf commercially available components.


The system uses a stepped continuous wave (cw) signal, with three horn antennas. The stepped cw approach, going from 0.5 to 4 GHz, allows the system to excite the resonant frequencies of all mine targets. This stepped cw approach creates the ability to obtain detectable signals from all targets, as well as the ability to identify the targets based on resonant frequencies. Of the

three horns, the middle horn transmits, while the outside two receive, which allows for azimuth detection, as well as range determination and identification. The result is a system capable of detecting, locating, and identifying targets at safe stand-off ranges of up to 100 feet. The total radiated power is 1 watt,

although there are plans to increase the power to 10 watts.


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