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D Toys Release US Modern AFV Antennae and Mount Set and FBCB/BFT Set

Posted by Minuteman1636 on September 2, 2013 at 2:40 PM

D Toys has released two new sets DT35-66 and DT35-67.

DT35-66 US Modern FBCB/BFT set

DT35-67 US Modern AFV Antennae and Mount set

First I want to say that it is always a good day when we have more HMMWV kits or related accessory sets produced.

Overall, the detail looks good. The internal mount for the FBCB2/BFT components is not the current configuration being installed in US HMMWV but it is still usable due to it still being in use. The antennae bases look superb and I'm anxious to get some for my projects.~ Brent

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