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Cooper 20-20-20 SINCGAR Antenna

 The 20-20-20 is a vertically polarized, omni-directional VHF antenna. It is compatible
with all popular military radios operating in the 30 to 88 MHZ frequency range. The
antenna can handle 200 Watts of continuous power and requires no external tuning.
The radiating element is totally encased in a high strength fiberglass tube, which
provides insulation and personnel protection in the event of accidental contact with high
voltage power lines.

The antenna is a member of a family of quickly deployed lightweight antennas
developed by Cooper Antennas for tactical military communications. Rugged design
ensures reliability in arctic, jungle or equatorial desert environments. It is especially well suited to special mission applications. The antenna is spring mounted for vehicular use and has a mounting base compatible with standard CECOM mounting brackets, with four 7/16 inch dia. holes on a 4.5 inch circle.



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